First Urdu dubbed Turkish feature film “Mohabbat Ek Ittifaq”

Mohabbat Ek Ittifaq

Karachi: In spite of how frantic people of our nation might be at the continuous arrivals of Turkish plays on Television and Indian films in cinemas, it is an open fact that due to foreign content, our television and cinema tends to survive.

It seems like this trend is not ready to slow down as Pakistani cinema recently welcomes the first Urdu-dubbed Turkish movie on its big screen in January 2014.

The film is named “Mohabbat Ek Ittifaq” which proved a big blockbuster movie in Turkey in 2011. The movie grossed over $50 million business on its release. The film is now welcomed in Pakistan by ‘Kayzee Enterprises’ and will be dubbed in Urdu locally. Also the film will be released in India and Bangladesh by the rights of importers.

According to Tribune Express, ‘Kaukab Zuberi’ who is an investment banker turned into film importer said that people in Pakistan are using profuse amount of money on making cinema screens but they all lack content.

Zuberi also stated that, Hollywood movies are only seen by 1% of our population, Pakistani movies are rarely made and as for Bollywood, the films are always affected by social and political factors. So it would be smart to advance in a better alternative.

Mohabbat Ek Ittifaq

The film “Mohabbat Ek Ittifaq” which also wins an English title “Love Likes Coincidences” is a romantic story of 2011, directed by “Omer Faruk Sorak”, which features Turkish artists ‘Mehmet Gunsur’, ‘Belcim Bilgin Erdo’ and ‘Gunsuris’ who all are very much known to Pakistani people by the Turkish drama “Mera Sultan” which is currently been played on Pakistani Television.

The story of the film spins around the coincidences that will decide the fate of two childhood lovers.

Zuberi says that this is due to our same culture and religion that has made Turkish dramas work in our Television industry and this will also help the films to work as well.

Syed Noor also stepped in to throw some light on Zuberi’s views. According to Syed Noor, “Bollywood films are not capable enough to match the values of Pakistani people and norms they possess”.

He said, “I was never against to welcome foreign content in Pakistani cenima, I was just against Indian films which are imported illegally and are against the format of Pakistani culture”. He also said, “It is great to have a Turkish film imported to Pakistan as it is also one of the Muslim country and we have lots of things in common with the Turkish people”.

According to Zuberi, “there is a huge potential in Turkish dubbed movie in Pakistan. If a movie like “Chenni Express” can work so will a great movie like “Mohabbat Ek Ittifaq” can”.

“Pakistani audiences have had enough of typical Bollywood stuff, they definitely deserve something more meaningful and better”, says Zuberi Optimistically.

The exact date of release of “Mohabbat ek Ittifaq” will be announced in coming week.

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