Meera’s Scandal video leaked

Meera’s Scandal video leaked

Pakistani well-Known Actress Meera is buzzing around town with latest news of her private video being leaked few days back. Most of all which raised the consciousness of readers and viewers was that Meera was herself behind the leaking of this video.

Likewise now Meera is also up to gain attention via this route of controversy like many others. It was seen that the actress was not getting enough concentration from the Film Industry and with this leak she might grab loads in her satchel. Moreover hearsay is that this might be a hype stunt for upcoming movie “Hotal”.

Talking of the video leaked in public, Meera is seen with Captain Naveed Pervaiz with whom she was rumored to be married in 2013. According to Meera this statement was completely a lie and she admits that she had no marital status with Captain Naveed Pervaiz.

While addressing to media, Meera states that this video is completely fake is very smartly constructed by technology and couple in it are just wearing their masks. She even declares that she even had no connection with Captain Naveed ever. He was just one of her fans. But now Meera seem to have jumped way across leaving both Mathira and Veena behind in the list.

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